I’m Lindsey Hancock. Here’s what I know.

Social media has evolved from a personal networking platform for family and friends to a major business tool that can't be ignored.  As wonderful as it can be for your brand, it can also be incredibly frustrating. If you're not on top of the latest news, platforms, releases and algorithm changes, you’re probably exerting a lot of energy and getting nowhere. That's why I started Brand Vixen. 

I have almost a decade of marketing experience, much of which has been dedicated to social strategy and management. My days consist of crafting clever tweets, Facebook and Instagram posts and serving as the online moderator of various communities.

Having worked as the social media director for Big Ass Fans, a global fan manufacturer with a fun and unique brand, I’m well-versed in what it takes to make a brand socially successful. In my time there, I saw so many companies that were struggling to stay above water without a strategy or a plan in place. That’s why I decided to take the leap to start consulting and help companies make the most out of their social presence and stop wasting time and money.


Social media is our jam. Quick wit. Curiosity. A love of research. From crafting the perfect headline to testing the newest features, we live for this. Social media is an extension of your brand, and it's a direct line to your customers. It should be entertaining, educational, conversational and a lot more. Yet, it's often viewed as an add-on task to be pawned off on someone who already has a full plate. Sound familiar?

Imagine not having to spend countless hours researching social media best practices, only to have them change every other month. Imagine having someone who can guide you through the process much more quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business. Imagine growing your social channels and utilizing social media to meet the goals of your business.

At Brand Vixen, we have the distinct ability to create a brand voice on social media that helps you accomplish your goals while staying true to your brand message. From strategy to content creation and community management, each day is different from the last. That’s what we love about the work we do. Let us take this portion off your plate and put it onto ours.

Shoot us a message. We’d love to help.


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